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At Perth Citi Fitout we provide a number of services that mean your fitout project is completed to the highest standard – the Perth Citi Fitout standard.

At Perth Citi Fitout we provide a number of services that mean your fitout project is completed to the highest standard – the Perth Citi Fitout standard.

Not happy with the existing structures in the space you’re renting? The Perth Citi Fitout team are experienced in completing commercial construction projects as part of an office fitout, to make an area work better for your needs within the limitations of your lease.

There are 3 key factors in any project: budget, time, outcome. Make sure your fitout project meets all 3 factors by gaining the assistance of a project manager. It is their job to stay on top of everything happening surrounding the fitout to ensure that no element gets left behind and everything is completed on time and under budget.

Perth Citi Fitout see project management as key to any fitout project.

Maintenance should be more than reactive, it should be proactive. Keeping on top of maintenance for features like safety signs and furniture to ensure they are in proper working order is important to minimise OHS dangers and resulting workplace accidents. Perth Citi Fitout offer ongoing office and property maintenance for clients beyond their fitout.

As experts in commercial construction, we work with building owners to restore buildings that have become worn over time but have the structural frameworks intact. Restorative commercial base builds increase a property’s value and allow the building to be leased at a higher rate, increasing your return on investment.

If you’re leaving your current office or retail location and need to return the building to the bare bones it had before you moved in and meet the terms of your lease, we can help. A commercial defit can be a large and physically demanding job that can take up more time than you’d expect. The Perth Citi Fitout team can defit your old space while we help you fitout your next location.

The Perth Citi Fitout team can defit your old space while we help you fitout your next location.

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Your project’s worth is our priority

Perth Citi Fitout is your complete commercial fitout solution for all commercial fitouts in Perth. Our team has years of experience in design project management, interior design, office fitouts and design construction across a wide variety of commercial spaces.

We understand that your commercial space has a distinct influence on your business, your staff, your customers and the goals you’ve set. That’s why Perth Citi Fitout takes immense pride in developing your commercial fitout and strives to deliver a quality space where no attention to detail is spared.

Every commercial fitout is unique, with unique challenges and opportunities. We believe that by working closely with all of our clients, big or small, we can create truly unique spaces that always meet and exceed their needs.

Design your commercial office fitout from the ground up

It all starts with you. Do you have a specific vision for your new commercial space? Or perhaps you need some inspiration? Let Perth Citi Fitout gift their years of experience in office and commercial fitout design. We’ll sit down, talk about your goals and map out some paths to achieving your desired outcomes.

Custom construction solutions for your commercial fitout

If your space isn’t ticking all the boxes, let’s build one that will. Our experienced team are experts in commercial construction projects. We can transform your retail or office space into a built for purpose area that we can fitout to exactly your requirements.

Project managing your commercial fitout

Each of our commercial fitouts has a dedicated project manager that will ensure the project goes smoothly. All the planning in the world won’t mean anything if the execution falls short. Perth Citi Fitout sees project management as a key deliverable that we pay strenuous attention to detail towards.

Your commercial fitout being delivered on time, within budget and meeting the agreed-upon design specifications is our top priority.

Defit while you refit

Moving or upgrading your commercial space? Perth Citi Fitout will minimise your downtime and help ease any transitions your business has. Returning the space to its original condition is often a requirement of leases, and stripping everything back to its bones can be a labour-intensive job. We will work with you to ensure you meet any lease demands and help you get set up in your new space in no time.

Commercial fitout maintenance and safety regulations

All our commercial fitouts are conducted with the best practices of operational health and safety (OHS) in mind. We take all risks and hazards that may arise during your use of the commercial space very seriously.

It can be easy to overlook things like safety signs, furniture placement, fire exits and alarms and accessibility requirements.

Perth Citi Fitout can continue working closely to provide ongoing maintenance and support after our initial project and ensure you remain in compliance with all maintenance and safety regulations.

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