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Office Partitions Perth

For offices that need to create a more open and flexible working environment between the different departments, free from visual distractions but still allowing for easy communication between employees, Perth Citi Fitout can provide a range of office partitioning solutions in Perth.

Office partitions are a great way to separate the work space into smaller areas for private meetings or discussions, as well as providing some acoustic control in an open plan office layout, without the need for building permanent walls. We understand that different businesses have different and ever changing needs, so our expert team offer a wide selection of styles, sizes and materials which allow you to tailor your office partitions to suit any situation.

A Range of Office Partition Solutions in Perth

Our in house Perth team is highly experienced in dealing with all kinds of office fitouts from small business spaces, to open plan floor layouts through to large corporate office spaces.

Our designs are specifically tailored to meet each company and individual’s needs while at the same time enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of their space. You can trust us to provide you with a partitioning solution that meets your exact requirements and which takes into account both form and function. Our office partitions can be made from a variety of materials including glass, metal, wood and veneer, providing an attractive yet durable finish.

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent office partitions solution, Perth Citi Fitout can find and install the perfect option for you. All of our partitioning systems are designed to the highest standards of quality and safety, so you can be sure that whatever type of wall system you choose it will stand up to years of use in any kind of workplace environment. We also offer professional installation services with minimal office disruption, allowing you to focus on your clients, while ensuring everything is installed correctly first time round.

Benefits of Office Partitions

Office partitions include many advantages, which include:

  • Improved privacy, productivity and sound control to block out unwanted noise.
  • Increased flexibility as office partitions can be moved or removed in the future when needed.
  • Enhanced aesthetics, making the office layout look more professional and attractive.
  • Cost savings as partitioning systems are usually cheaper than standard construction methods.
  • Easy to clean, maintain and repair.

When you need a new office fit out or office partitions in Perth, Western Australia, trust in Perth Citi Fitout to deliver a quality office partition solution that meets your business needs perfectly whilst enhancing the overall appeal of your company workspace. With our variety of styles and materials we have a solution to suit every style of office layout, with the ability to match any clients current office furniture and office style.

Contact us today for more information about our custom made, cost effective office partition solutions and installation services in Perth.

Types of Office Partitions

Plasterboard office partition walls

Plasterboard office partition walls are the most common type of office partitions and are widely used throughout Perth.

They offer an affordable solution, as well as good noise insulation and easy installation at any location. The plasterboard is then covered with a skin of plaster or paint, depending on the desired finish. These office partition walls can be built in any shape and size you require, so they are perfect for creating small private meeting rooms, personal space areas for employees or creating larger open plan offices in new offices.

Glass partitions

Glass partitions provide transparency and give your workspace a feeling of increased space whilst still reducing office noise and maintaining privacy between different areas. The glass panels come in a variety of thicknesses and opacities to ensure the best possible balance between light transmission, noise control and privacy requirements.

This type of office partition also allows natural light to flood the work space and provide an attractive, modern look which is sure to impress office visitors.

Metal partitions

Our metal partitioning systems are designed for both form and function; they provide a robust barrier between different areas of your office whilst still looking great.

Metal partitions offer excellent soundproofing qualities as well as added security, plus they can be easily adapted to suit any configuration you require. This helps to increase productivity and reduce distractions in the office. We use an assortment of materials including steel, aluminium and stainless steel in order to create an impactful and durable office partition system that will stand the test of time.

Freestanding office partitions & screens

For a flexible, cost-effective solution to partitioning, free standing office partitions are the perfect choice.

Great value for money, these can be easily installed with minimal disruption to your office and moved around if needed, providing an adjustable work space that allows you to quickly adapt your office layout when required. Freestanding office screens or panels come in a variety of sizes and finishes so you can be sure to find a solution that meets your office partition needs perfectly.

Office desk partitions & office dividers

Another great option for partitioning is our desk dividers and screens. Desk dividers, room dividers and desk mounted screens are perfect for creating a more private work space within a shared office environment, allowing you to enjoy increased privacy whilst still maintaining an open office look and feel.

Dividers for desks come in a variety of styles and materials, so you can choose from something sleek and modern or warm and traditional depending on the overall look you’d like to achieve for your office workstations.

Reception Partitions

Reception partitions are an important part of any professional office as they provide both privacy and security for employees.

We offer a wide variety of solutions specifically designed for company reception areas including freestanding screens, glass panels and metal frames which allow you to easily adjust the size and shape of your company reception area depending on your needs. All of our reception office partition systems are easy to clean, maintain and repair, ensuring that your office always looks its best.

Office Partitioning For Your Office Space

If you are looking for room dividers or office partitions in Perth, Western Australia, contact us today to discuss your office partition requirements. No task is too big or too small and our experienced team can provide a range of partition solutions and advice on the best system for your needs. We look forward to helping you create a great working environment for all of your staff members and employees.

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