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Getting your retail fitout perfect is important to us. All new clients are personally attended to by a Perth Citi Fitout owner manager. An in-depth discussion is held with you and your staff to identify all the necessities that your retail space needs to facilitate successful operations.

From the first discussion and throughout the fitout process a thorough understanding of the work you do and what your retail design fitout must accomplish develops. This discussion shapes the design and planning stages for your retail fitout.

Long term planning is crucial in the business world. Recognising this fact, we make a retail design fitout plan that caters to your long term goals. This gives you the potential to develop a retail space as your business grows without having to undo all the fitout work previously invested in.

Our approach to the retail design fitout process gives you the best bang for your investment buck and reduces the time and effort that fitout improvements will demand from you in the future as you grow; so you can keep your focus on running a thriving retail business.

Our team at Perth Citi Fitout are dedicated to showcasing your products. Our retail design fitout solutions are creative and modern, without detracting attention away from the product you are selling.

A beautiful new retail fitout won’t deliver optimal satisfaction if it is difficult for staff to use and doing their job becomes unnecessarily difficult. Our approach delivers practicality for working in the space that we create with you.

Customers visiting your store are human. Humans react to their surroundings without even realising it. The lighting, spaciousness, and flow of a store are all factors that are contributing to people’s purchasing decisions every second. Perth Citi Fitout takes the time to understand how your customers should be feeling in your store and make retail fitout plans that reflect your brand.

Do you want your customers to be relaxed or stimulated? Taking their time browsing of their own accord or to follow a clear path through the store?

The desired reactions to your retail layout is something you should be thinking about if you haven’t already. Walk into your store with new eyes or take the time to ask a few new and old customers alike what their expectations for the retail experience were and how the visit reality compared. Did this match your desired atmospheric effect?

Contact Perth Citi Fitout to discuss your retail design fitout queries and learn about what innovative solutions are available for your beloved business’ retail space.

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Your project’s worth is our priority

Perth Citi Fitout offers quality, designed and purpose-built, cost-effective retail fitouts. Our team understands that creating a unique retail space can maximise sales and can elevate consumer experiences.
We understand that a retail space, whether in a shopping centre or standalone retail store, needs to reach a balance of form and function.
A retail space isn’t just a place to sell your products and services anymore; it is a reflection of your brand and an indicator of value. People shop for the experience as much as the product in today’s online shopping world.
Perth Citi Fitout will provide your customers in Perth with an experience worth remembering.

Every design is customised to suit your unique retail fitout needs

A profitable and busy retail space is the result of a functional fitout that maximises customer experiences.
The Perth Citi Fitout Team is well-versed in the latest retail store methodology and will design a space using the best practices in retail interior design techniques. From lighting to colour and store layout, no aspect of your retail space is an afterthought.
And while the overall aesthetics are extremely important, factors such as storage, break rooms, security and service areas are always designed with functionality in mind.
On top of that, we always work closely with our clients in ensuring that their vision becomes a reality.

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