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The effect of you work environment to your creativity

Is this too serious a question in a workplace? Some research studies point towards that direction. Given the right environment in the workplace, experts believe that employees can spice up their creative flavour and artistic abilities.

Sometimes office design is everything required to boost productivity and creativity in the workplace. Having said this office premises must be designed for productivity as well as creativity. For example, if the workspace cubicles are dimly lit, and office floors austerely furnished, it may prevent your employees from realizing their full creative potential, alternatively, spaces that provide openness, and give nature contribute to a highly reliable and creative output. Let’s discuss what we can do to foster creativity and productivity in the workplace:

Many businesses go for the open office trend though there are some negatives to it. For instance, though this type of office plan fosters and espouses collaboration amongst people, they may have to trade off their privacy. The optimal way is to find a comprise between collaboration and privacy.  One way would be to set up hedges or even small walls between tables, which the employees can put up when they need some privacy at work, or pull them down when they need to collaborate with one another for a particular task. This strategic approach spells and reinforces both privacy as well collaboration amongst the team with a single adjustment, whilst ensuring the environment is just right for what they need to achieve the idea is all about improving focus, creativity and productivity.

Naturally illuminated lights, some indoor plants and unique wooden palatial furniture can add to the cosiness of the place and stimulate the creative hormones. A manmade environment can go a long way in infusing people’s creative energies and functions.

Employees tend to grow exhausted all the time; therefore, offering an outlet for them helps rebuild their productivity and creativity levels effectively. Going for a bit of personalization and customization of individual spaces or allowing the team to come out with their own little design stuff can actually empower them and synergize them towards achieving common goals.

Designed room for specific creative activities and operational tasks such a boardroom for virtual meetings, whiteboard for brainstorming key ideas, or an outlet where informal communication and team building activities through indoor sports or arts can happen without any official diktat. In addition, it adds to the culture aspect with a winwin approach.

There are many things you can do to replace average and mundane workplace into one which is creative, collaborative and yeasty. Over and above the business type and company culture play a vital role in helping you decide a good point to start.  If you think you can change your workplace into a hub of productivity and creativity, please drop a word with us so that we can offer practical solutions for all your transformational needs.