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The importance of staff break out areas

People in the corporate world are spending more and more time at their desks, staring at computer screens. It is important for us all to take a break and refocus our minds throughout the day. Employers should be designing break out areas that encourage their employees to take this time to relax as much as they design work stations that foster productivity.

What is a breakout area?

Any area that is available to staff, separate from the usual work space it a breakout area. These areas can be used by staff for lunch, informal meetings or to take five when they start to lose their focus during the work day.

Benefits of break out areas

  • Increased productivity
  • Increased creativity
  • Development of employee relationships and bonding
  • Improved staff mental health

What features make a good break out area

Coffee / food

Providing these items for free in staff break areas reduces the need for them to leave the office frequently for coffee runs. By providing a healthy range of snacks like fruits or nuts employees will feel greater job satisfaction and your team won’t experience a mid-afternoon crash that sugary foods cause.

Make it different

A break out area should provide an escape for staff. Giving this area or room a different theme will add to the feeling that they are no longer at work and assist in refreshing their minds.


Make the break area fun, lively and bright. A stimulating area will foster creativity and increase staff motivation; nobody feels like they do their best work surrounded by 4 plain walls and dull furniture.


Entertainment options like games or TV provide a productive way to unwind during break times. Engaging outlets help staff to distress faster than sitting alone eating their lunch would. Collaborative games provide an opportunity for staff bonding while watching a news channel on television promotes discussion and healthy staff debate.

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