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The benefits of using glass partition walls in your office fitout

Open spaces can improve and facilitate employee productivity and satisfaction. If your office has a bland design with monotone walls and cubicles, then you should consider a redesign to incorporate glass partition walls instead. Here are some advantages we see in having  glass partition walls.


We all know that feeling of being stuck in the office under those florescent lights and dreaming of what it is like outside. Glass partitions can help you get around this issue. An increase in natural light and the ability to see outside from an office that would not otherwise have views can be a tremendous impact on people’s emotional state. It also gives an open and inviting feel to the work place. If you are renovating the office, a clean look with glass partitions is a sure way to boost staff morale.

Employee Productivity

As well as mood glass partitions create accountability among employees. Studies have proven that people are more productive when they have their colleagues around that can see what they are doing.  This way, employees are more likely to assume liability for their work errands on the grounds that their work space is more noticeable. On the other hand studies have shown that employees that are left to their own devices spend an expansive segment of their time taking an interest in non-work activities. Along with natural light glass partitions naturally build efficiency.


Having an office partitioned off is still a more functional way of organising a business. It also helps create sounds barriers to prevent departments from affecting the productivity of their neighboring colleagues. Contrary to popular belief, glass partitions are more durable than majority of other materials. Once you install glass partitions in your office you will not have to worry about renovating for years.


There is no denying that glass partitions look stunning. They look make the workplace look crisp, clear and lustrous. Glass has a contemporary look that suits all workplaces and their styles. You can also vamp up your look with other options such as etching and frosting. This is especially helpful for when you need to add your logo or other branding to the glass. Their classic look means that they won’t go out of style.

Regardless of what material you go for there is certain to be a style that will suit your office and business effectively. Glass is a contemporary and advanced decision that can totally change the look and feel of the workplace, and improve mood and efficiency levels for your staff. If you are interested in a new office layout, contact Perth Citi Fitout here or on 08 9249 1347 to arrange a meeting and quote.