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Seasonal factors to consider during an office fitout

The process of an office fitout should be as quick as possible to minimise disruptions to day-to-day operations that generate your revenue. Planning and implementing a fitout in summer means you may not consider something with an impact during winter and vice versa. We’ve put together a few things you might not have considered yet.

Windows & shade

Seasons impact when the sun rises and sets, and how intense the sun is. Sun intensity is of particular concern in Australia and should be taken seriously as tinting and shade may be needed to prevent UV damage to your employees.

Find out which way your windows face and what influence this has on internal temperatures during the day. Based on this information you can make educated decisions about the following aspects of a fitout:

  • Curtains and blinds
  • Window tinting
  • Cooling systems – does this need the capability of independent controls in different areas of the office?
  • Wall colour
  • Plant selection
  • Desk layout and angle
  • Artificial lighting

Heating & cooling

If your office fitout is also taking place during an office relocation, be sure to check what both heating and cooling systems are like in the new office. You don’t want to move into a new office in July knowing that the heating works a treat but come January the office struggles to cool down.

Testing both heating and cooling in all potential offices means you won’t run into any uncomfortable surprises a few months from now, and gives you the opportunity to reach an agreement on any repairs prior to finalising and signing the lease agreement.

Space for seasonal accessories

Your staff will be more likely to ride their bikes to work in the warmer months, and the need to bring an umbrella is more probable in winter. Has your office design catered to these seasonal behavioural shifts and provided accordingly? Here are a few examples that you might want to consider:

  • Secure bicycle storage
  • Showers and change rooms
  • Storage for spare or wet clothing
  • Water-resistant umbrella storage

Before deciding on what facilities your team need, ask for input on facilities that they would actually use and benefit from.

If you’re planning an office relocation and would like advice on thinking ahead in your design, Contact Perth Citi Fitout here or on 08 9249 1347 to arrange a meeting and quote.