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How to enhance the lighting in your office

A well-illuminated office space that is bright and highlights good lighting creates pleasant working conditions. Apart from practicality and immense functionality, the quality of lighting in your office premises has great impact on the productivity of staff. 

It goes without saying, that poor lighting can affect eyesight, adds a lethargic atmosphere and is directly correlated with employee wellness.

The importance of good office lighting 

Whether you are about to plan your Office Fitout in Perth or are fully settled into your office space; considering the importance of lighting is imperative. Finding ways to improve your office lighting will ensure you are looking after the wellbeing of your team.  

It is important to note that improving your office lighting does not have to equate being as bright as possible. It is a known fact that harsh white lighting can also cause problems!

Here are four ways you can improve the lighting in your workspace: 

1.Maximise on natural light 

This one is a no-brainer. Nothing beats the rays of sunlight. Save your office team from the woes of FOMO by giving them glimpses of the outdoors!  One of the best ways to improve office lighting and overall staff productivity is to maximise the amount of natural light that comes into the office. Consider this from the fitout phase! Of course, every office is different and sometimes due to the design of your office building, it may not be practical or possible to install more windows. However, positioning the team and the desk arrangements to be directed towards natural light and opening up existing windows will make a worldly difference. Ideally, natural light should take the lead with your office lighting strategy. The end goal should be to make your team feel connected to the outside world whilst being able to work comfortably.

2.During the fitout phase – plan plan plan!

Who can argue the value of being proactive rather than reactive? From the get-go, ensure that you are considering the importance of lighting. Make this part of the strategy and dedicate a meeting just to discuss the lighting of your office fitout in Perth. This will save your team a lot of headache in the future. An easy way to improve lighting in the office is to plan. Consider where your existing windows are, where desks can be placed and then ensure that you have enough overhead lighting to brighten the office. Another thing to consider is how much movable lighting you will be using. This can be placed on desks to boost natural and overhead light.

3.The Power of LED lighting! Install energy saving lighting

You have heard it before. The power of LED lighting cannot be ignored. Energy saving lighting using the latest in LED technology is not only a long-term cost-effective option, it can also greatly improve the quality of light in the office. Talk about a win-win? There are several common problems with standard fluorescent tubes that include, flickering, bulbs becoming dimmer with age and the quality of light often being inconsistent. Another common problem that is seen in fluorescent tubes is buzzing. This can result in poorer office productivity and makes LED lighting the obvious choice. 

4.Colours matter! Look at your office hues

It is all well and good to have large windows, but what good does it do if you have dark walls? Lighting paired with the colour scheme of your office will reinforce your brand values and complement your office design to create a striking first impression. Well complimented hues that go with your lighting can help to define different areas in an open plan office, optimising the space available. Consider bright and more neutral colours throughout your office and stay clear from the darker hues.

A holistic approach to your Perth office fitout

Are you planning your office fitout or are eager for an office refresh?  Good lighting equates to office happiness, wellbeing, productivity and so much more! 

If your Perth office fitout plan needs some TLC, that includes a lighting strategy that maximises on natural light and top-of-the-line lighting technology, talk to Perth Citi Fitout today! Our office fitout specialists in Perth can work with you to ensure you have the most efficient and functional lighting in your plan. 

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