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How to use your retail fitout to attract the right customers

Many retail stores in Australia are located within shopping centres meaning that foot traffic isn’t a huge problem. The biggest challenge is to get people to divert from their intended destination and enter your shop. Basing window display and external signage design decisions on who you want to walk through your doors to achieve your branding goals will lead to success.

In this blog we take a look at a few different types of objectives your business could have and the in-store design strategies to complement your goals, to get you thinking about whether your current retail fitout is allowing you to communicate the right message.

Branded as a high-end product

If you have a high-end product that is a little pricier, it is important to communicate this to passers-by and existing customers to reaffirm their purchase decision. An elegant, uncrowded window display with colours that are less in-your-face will suggest to the audience that you are a classy and reputable store worth spending that little bit extra for.

Using one of your most popular or iconic items in your window display will evoke existing emotions and beliefs that people hold about your brand. Where these thoughts are positive the likelihood of someone aware of your brand becoming a customer adding value to your business is greater.

Branded as a value for money/discount store

Do you want people to think of you as being the place to go when they need something priced cheaply? Grabbing the attention of people walking by and drawing them into the store is paramount as often purchases here are more impulsive than those at high-end stores.

Use external signage and window displays to capture the attention of shoppers, promoting discounts, sales and bargains. Bright, bold colours will capture attention and suggests urgency. Doing so will encourage people to enter your shop, make purchases on the spot, and reaffirm their belief that you really do offer great prices and can be depended on to make savings.

Branded as an environmentally aware organisation

It is increasingly important to consumers that the stores they make purchases from are doing their bit for the environment and community. If this is a selling point for your ideal customers it is vital that you communicate this before they’ve even entered the store. There is no use waiting until they’re in the store to blow your own horn about how you’re saving the planet; this won’t drive extra foot traffic and boost sales.

Promoting your community involvement or how you support the environment in a window display and through signage will place your brand in people’s minds as being socially aware, and make them more likely to shop with you if that is something that they value.

If you’re planning a retail fitout and want your store to help achieve sales targets, talk to the team at Perth Citi Fitout to discuss how you can increase the signage and window display opportunities in your retail space. Contact Perth Citi Fitout here or on 08 9249 1347.