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Have you ever heard of Strategic Downsizing?

In business there’s a common thought process that ‘downsizing’ means you’re in trouble, cutting the fat and fighting to survive. More often than not, downsizing stems from a business’s desire to increase productivity, reduce wasted space and save you money.

We have seen a big increase in the amount of businesses that are downsizing however this is not the result of financial trouble. Strategic Downsizing is the biggest thing hitting Perth right now and here’s some information as to why.

1) Strategically Downsizing Improves Employee Collaboration

Moving into a smaller office doesn’t mean your employees will feel cramped and working shoulder to shoulder. By designing your office to be more ‘Group Friendly’ in a smaller space encourages them to interact and engage with one another.

2) Boost Productivity

Infuse a rush of adrenaline into your employees by giving them a new space to fall in love with. We’re sure you have heard the saying ‘if you love your work, you won’t work a day in your life’ right? Well, what better place to fall in love with than your office? This goes for existing employees and potential new employees too. Don’t forget that businesses just like yours are competing for the best employees and an office that has been specially designed and fitted out that will attract the attention of a potential employee much more than an old, stuffy office.

3) Save Money

This one is a no brainier – if your office is smaller, generally it is not going to cost as much. But this is not the only thing to consider when looking at the cost savings relative to office relocation and refurbishments. Boosting productivity and encouraging your employees to collaborate with one another can produce better quality work and faster turnaround times which ultimately allows you to attract new clients, retain your staff and work in a space that everyone loves.

If you’re thinking about relocating and/or refurbishing your office get in contact with us at Perth Citi Fitout today. We can design and build your next office space to meet any budget or requirements.