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Changes for an environmentally friendly office

Everybody wants to do their part to slow the worsening of climate change. You spend a large portion of your time at work so it makes sense to make changes in your office to be more environmentally friendly and give yourself the best opportunity of making a difference.

Go paperless

With so many digital tools at our fingertips these days it seems silly for so many offices to still rely on paper to function. Make use of computers and other electronic devices to significantly cut down the amount of paper waste that you create. Don’t print off documents for a meeting, bring it up on the computer screen for all to see and save paper. Instead of creating large client files full of paper, use a digital filing system that can easily be accessed from anywhere in the office.


Where you can’t remove the need for paper entirely, make sure that you are correctly recycling the paper and not adding to landfill. Encourage staff to recycle correctly by having proper waste systems in place in communal areas like the kitchen. The amount of rubbish sent to landfill is alarming and could be significantly cut back with better recycling processes and reducing waste.

Support a reduction in created waste

As a company, the facilities that you provide for staff can influence how likely they are to generate waste. Something as simple as having proper cups over single-use cups or bottles available will greatly reduce waste and is inexpensive. Provide fruit for staff to encourage snacking on foods with no (or organic) waste instead of packaged foods that are unhealthy and individually packaged.

Cut back energy consumption

It’s difficult to reduce the amount of time in a day that you need to have computers turned on – especially if you’ve just gone paperless! You can, however, find other ways to save on electricity. Turning the lights and temperature control off overnight when nobody is in the office is an easy way to save power without even impacting anyone’s workday. Along with the lighting and cooling systems be sure to turn off computers overnight as this can use a lot of energy.

Make plants work for you

Placing plants around the office has an environmental and health benefit for team members. Plants can reduce colds, eye infections, viruses and allergies in an office environment, as well as increase the flow of oxygen and absorb indoor air pollution. Plus they look great and contribute to sound absorption.

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