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8 Signs of a happy Office Culture

Positive workplaces tend to display a common set of traits that cultivate companionship, nurture excellence and enhance productivity. Here are 8 signs of a happy office culture to look for:

  1. Positive values:
    Positive values, as for us, top the list as they reflect a company’s long-term success and growth. They embody the highest commitment to quality and service to the company, clients, customers and stakeholders. The company that is guided by positive values displays a great level of ethical professionalism and accountable with a high sense of empathy and purpose.
  2. Relaxed and productive atmosphere:
    People who are relaxed, creative and productive day in and out are free from bullying, intimidation, chauvinism, sexual harassment and domination at the workplace.
  3. Commitment to excellence:
    Employees who give in 200% stay at the top of the ladder and deliver top-of-the-range solutions, services and production. They are accountable by letter and spirit and don’t back off to take measurable actions.  
  4. Open and honest communication:
    Open and honest communication opens the gate to effective problem solving, actionable feedbacks and keeping everybody in the loop. With open-mindedness comes opportunities, and with opportunities there is incredible growth.
  5. Support, Cooperation, and empowerment:
    Employees who exhibit a great sense of cooperation, empowerment and solidarity go the extra mile and believe in win-win attitudes. There is healthy competition always without spiteful, rancorous backstabbing.
  6. Sense of humour:
    There is every day humour at office and people who have fun and laugh a lot create greater bond and form a cohesive unit that will keep undue pressure, anxieties, and natural antidepressants at bay.
  7. Flexibility:
    Employees & companies alike need to adapt themselves to newer conditions, embrace change, integrate innovate skill sets, take new trends in their stride and march ahead.  Remember, nothing but change is constant in this world.
  8. Positive reinforcement:
    Appreciation, gratitude and acknowledgment top the hierarchy of human wants.  Motivation, rewards, bonuses, genuine complements, pay raises, certificates of human excellence or achievements and promotion ensure an employee is super-charged and offers one wings to fly at will.

These are just a few of the signs to look out for in your work place. If you feel these signs are lacking both as an employee or as a business owner, it is important to put an action plan to overcome the state. Both for employee retention and employee satisfaction.