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5 tips for a smooth office fitout

Sometimes moving office is unavoidable. Your team has gotten too big for the current space, the location is no longer suitable for your business or you can’t renew your lease. Whatever the reason, the upcoming move be a significant source of stress for those responsible for making sure everything is perfect.

The tips below offer some insight into how you can reduce the stress levels when it comes time to think about your next commercial relocation or renovation project.

Know who is in charge

Moving office is a huge task and no one person can be solely responsible for managing all aspects. Appointing a single person to be in charge that then delegates tasks to the relocation team is the best way to operate.

All information is passed through a single point in the company but the responsibility doesn’t lay entirely with them for all projects. The fitout leader won’t be spread too thin and will be less likely to make mistakes if they have support from their team.

Ensure that all staff within the business are aware of the fitout management structure to keep order during what can be a chaotic time. This strategy keeps decisions streamlined for a great end result.

Know your budget

Fitout costs can vary a lot depending on the end goal and how savvy you are. Recognising the dollar amount available to spend on the fitout project assists in the decision making process.

Make sure you shop around to know what sort of pricing to expect before setting a budget. Setting a realistic budget improves the likelihood you don’t spend excessively.

Know the timelines

How long will each step take to complete? When do you need to finish the project by? Know that everything will be ready when you need it by laying out a clear timeline and researching how long various approvals take.

Do you need council approval for new exterior signage? What is the lead time on new phone contracts being implemented? When can the painters turn up? How long will ordered furniture take to arrive?

Knowing the answers to all the relevant questions can assist in planning when to execute your planning and reduces the risk of mistakes that cause you stress and setbacks.

Power points

Offices need power points and data points. You won’t find an office without multiple computers that require power and an internet connection.

People often forget the need for power points and underestimate just how many they need. When you think you have enough points for all the power plugs or data cords, it is likely you’ve misjudged the demand.

Be realistic about the need for extra power points and data points to make sure everyone has the access they need as soon as they start in the fresh office.

Seek professional help

Like mentioned previously, fitouts for a new office and making sure it has all the suitable features for your company culture can be time consuming and stressful. Without prior experience and the right contacts it can be difficult to pull off without a hitch.

Talk to a professional today about your office fitout requirements by contacting Perth Citi Fitout on 08 9249 1347 or sending them an email. Perth Citi Fitout have over 45 years of experience in creating immaculate offices.