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5 cost effective ways to source new office furniture

New furniture is right up there when it comes to big financial outlays in an office relocation or fitout. Spending big bucks on new items for your commercial space doesn’t always have to be so. We’ve put together 5 tips for ways you can update your office furniture without blowing the budget.

Buy in bulk

An office should ideally be uniform and streamlined style-wise to remain on-brand and looking amazing. Chairs, desks, drawers and crockery can all be bought in bulk from suppliers. Not only does this save you time in sourcing these items, it gives you bargaining power.

You can get a better deal when shopping in the same place because your business is increasingly important the more you spend.


Second-hand furniture often comes in great condition with nothing wrong; the previous owners just no longer need it.

Websites like Gumtree help people getting rid of items find people that are after furniture on the cheap.

If you’re moving into a new space, get in contact with the previous tenants and find out if they are taking their furniture with them or if you can take it off their hands for a reasonable price.


If you know well in advance that you will be relocating, take advantage of items that fluctuate in price depending on the season. Desks, bookshelves, chairs and other office furniture tends to be cheapest in January.

Buying in the sales provides a great opportunity to save on furniture expenditure.


Have you considered that you don’t necessarily need to buy your furniture?

Renting office furniture is becoming increasingly common and often it is hired out for a great rate that saves you money and time in the long run.

Previous tenants may have moved and spent money on buying all their furniture and now have no way of storing the old furniture. A popular way of keeping this furniture on hand and profiting from it is to rent it to the new tenants or another business looking for an update.


Just because you are moving office doesn’t mean you can’t move your furniture too!

The costs associated with dismantling and reassembling furniture, and hiring a removalist are greatly lower than replacing the furniture outright.

If you are after a new look, keeping larger selected items like desks and cabinets, and updating smaller decorative items are an easy and cheap way to add vibrancy to any space.

If you are looking for advice about an upcoming office or commercial fitout, contact Perth Citi Fitout for helpful and hands-on advice from the experienced team.