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5 Cost Effective Ways To Give Your Workplace a New Look

Has it been a while since you gave your workplace a refreshed look? It’s not always cheap to completely overhaul the workplace’s fit out. Here are five simple and cost-effective ways in which you can start today!

1. Pops of colour : 
Any decor consultant will tell you that yellow symbolises productivity, optimism, buoyancy, and exuberance. For example, the yellow colour is said to steer communication, drive one’s nervous system &skills involving mental processing.

Mixing a dash of colour to your workspace will not only lift your employee’s spirits but also help raise the overall morale and efficiency in the workplace. Without having to burn your pocket and effectuating structural changes, yet you can add some more zing to the mood with coloured chairs, flowers, feature lights and jazzy wall art.

2. Plants :

Looking to add plants to your workspace? There are a myriad of benefits. There is overwhelming evidence that

  • Idea generation increases as much as 15% in a workplace set up surrounded by plants
  • Absenteeism is reduced by up to 5% from 15%
  • The rate of task completion using computers is enhanced by 12%
  • Stress level is lowered at the workplace
  • The willingness by customers to associate and pay goes up as much as 30% and 12% respectively

Besides these benefits, plants clean up the air &help in optimizing the air humidity levels. Looking to include some more green stuff to the workspace and wow your visitors? why not try any one of these? Peace Lilies, DracaenasAglaonemas, Snake Plants, and Rubber Tree Plant.

3. Lighting :

Check if your workspace is naturally illuminated. If your workplace isn’t naturally lightened, it will adversely impact the emotional and mental state as well as the productivity and morale of your employees. It is important to go for soothing warmer bulbs instead of investing in eyepopping white fluorescents that can be unkind to your eyes all throughout.

4. Chill out Area :

If your workspace lacks a chill out area where your employees could afford to take a breather, go to and talk their heart out, it can bring down their communication, productivity and performance level down. It is important to keep their creative juice flowing every single day. And what better than helping them recharge and reenergize their batteries with a comfy space and breakout area for greater bonding and trust building?

5. Privacy :

If you feel openplan offices work like a charm for collaborative tasks or projects, give it a second thought: they can be distractive and give the staff an impression that they’resubject to continual monitoring. Enclosed workplaces can optimise productivity levels as it will make them feel that they are provided with the appropriate space to go about with their tasks, though with enhanced focus.

Looking for a complete office overall or workspace reengineering? Just give us a shout, any time, at Perth Citi Fitout.