Fitout Finance Services in Perth

Helping your business reach tomorrow’s goals, today

Perth Citi Fitout are 100% committed to helping you
with your project, at every stage

This includes our strong partnerships with a number of local finance providers who can work with you to ensure you can manage your budget and take the stress out of the fitout procedure.

We have a range of finance solutions available for every project whether large or small which will assist you with your cashflow during the fitout process.

This also allows you to focus on your business and avoid cost blowouts during the project. Plus, it means you can start creating a better space sooner rather than later.

What does our Finance Cover?

Fitout Construction

Equipment & Furniture

Other associated costs

If you would like to discuss our finance
options please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Perth Citi Fitout is committed to helping business owners secure low interest rate finance options that enable them to successfully fitout their business while retaining cash flow and liquidity.

We understand that a complete or partial commercial fitout is a huge investment for both large and small business alike. Take the stress out of finance options and let Perth Citi Fitout provide you with a range of low interest fitout loans available through an easy-to-understand application process.

Over the years we have developed long and trusted relationships with a number of local finance providers and have helped many businesses owners secure low interest loans that are hassle free and transparent.

Fitout finance can cover all or part of the cost of your project and can include fitout construction, equipment, and furniture as well as any other associated costs.

So, take the pain out of paying for your fitout and running around town looking for the best finance options. We have done that for you, ensuring you will only need to have one point of sale and enquiry, and that’s Perth Citi Fitout.

Why should you consider getting finance for your Perth fitout?

Avoid and expedite application times by working with Perth Citi Fitout. We’ve secured business loans for all types of customers and are well acquainted with the processes. Get your application right the first time with us.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business and paying thousands of dollars in costs straight up can be difficult for any business. Keep the cash flowing and ensure your business continues to run optimally by taking out a loan.

Don’t sit around waiting for cash to be freed up. With our fitout finance options, we’ll be able to get started on your project as soon as you’re ready.

Avoid predatory business loans and high interest rates when you work with Perth Citi Fitout and our trusted partners.

All terms and conditions and the application process are as transparent as possible. You’ll never be caught off guard with hidden fees or unexpected interest rate hikes when you secure your fitout finance with us.

How to get the best rates and deals for your Perth fitout?

When preparing your application we will advise you on all the necessary documentation and the factors that our finance partners will be looking at. We understand that you are likely busy running the day to day of your business, and therefore we strive to make this process as straightforward as possible.

For the best low interest rates the lender will be seeking to determine how low of a risk you are. The length of time your business has been in operation and how long you have occupied a business lease or lived at the same home are factors to consider.

It is also important to ensure your business bank accounts don’t have any red flags attached to them and that there are no large outstanding credit payments.

The more at ease you can put a lender, the more likely you are to secure a low interest rate, and the faster you’ll be approved.

If you’re reading this and think you might not fit into the ‘ideal’ loan applicant box. Don’t worry, there are options if you’re a new business or don’t have a perfect credit score.

Get in touch today and we’ll be able to quickly and realistically assess your fitout finance.

FAQ’s for fitout finance in Perth

How Long Does Fitout Finance Approval Take?
We work with you to ensure you get the fastest turn around with approval times. Often this can be a matter of hours, but it is dependent on the strength of your application.

What Amounts of Fitout Finance Can I Borrow?
Depending on your current cash flow and revenue streams, you can borrow as much as is needed to fitout your new space.

I Have a New Business, am I Still Eligible for fitout finance?
Yes, of course, you are. The process might require a little more due diligence on the lenders part, but we’ll do our best to help.

What Official Documents will I Need to Provide?
You’ll need, of course, your identification, such as a driver’s license or passport, and, depending on the lender, other forms of ID such as utility bills, business registration, ABN numbers and leases may also be required under certain circumstances.

What if I Have Bad Credit?
Perth Citi Fitout is dedicated to helping all businesses and individuals achieve their fitout goals. We’ll work with you to quickly determine if you are eligible and won’t waste your time if it’s clear that you are not.

What if I Default on my Finance?
Each fitout finance provider will have its own processes for dealing with defaults but often clear communication can help with repercussions. Honesty with yourself and the lender is the best path.