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Commercial Fitout Services Perth

At Perth Citi Fitout we provide a number of services that mean your fitout project is completed to the highest standard – the Perth Citi Fitout standard.

Commercial Construction

Not happy with the existing structures in the space you’re renting? The Perth Citi Fitout team are experienced in completing commercial construction projects as part of an office fitout, to make an area work better for your needs within the limitations of your lease.

Commercial Base Builds

As experts in commercial construction, we work with building owners to restore buildings that have become worn over time but have the structural frameworks intact. Restorative commercial base builds increase a property’s value and allow the building to be leased at a higher rate, increasing your return on investment.

Commercial Defit

If you’re leaving your current office or retail location and need to return the building to the bare bones it had before you moved in and meet the terms of your lease, we can help. A commercial defit can be a large and physically demanding job that can take up more time than you’d expect. The Perth Citi Fitout team can defit your old space while we help you fitout your next location.

Project Management

There are 3 key factors in any project: budget, time, outcome. Make sure your fitout project meets all 3 factors by gaining the assistance of a project manager. It is their job to stay on top of everything happening surrounding the fitout to ensure that no element gets left behind and everything is completed on time and under budget. Perth Citi Fitout see project management as key to any fitout project.

Construction Management

Construction management is a crucial element to any fitout project. Bad construction management can cause delays and become expensive when you have to spend money fixing a job that should’ve been done right the first time. With the Perth Citi Fitout construction management team’s commitment to understanding your needs and requiring approval on work before any changes are made, we guarantee there will be no construction management mishaps during your office fitout.

Interior Design

The best fitouts come when the visual meets the functional. Our interior design expertise seeks the sweet spot between the two. The Perth Citi Fitout team provide guidance and recommendations on interior design decisions so that the end result of your fitout is inviting and inspiring, as well as practical for day-to-day use.

Office & Property Maintenance

Maintenance should be more than reactive, it should be proactive. Keeping on top of maintenance for features like safety signs and furniture to ensure they are in proper working order is important to minimise OHS dangers and resulting workplace accidents. Perth Citi Fitout offer ongoing office and property maintenance for clients beyond their fitout.




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